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Mars Base 1 lab with students conducting experiments

NASA’s FarmBot has joined Mars Base 1 to assist in students’ work in the Botany Lab. This robot plants seeds, waters plants and assess the plants’ health.

ATX Launch Mission

Kennedy Space Center is world-famous for launching rockets and sending humans into space. Now you can be a part of a simulation of launching and being launched in a rocket as part of the all new Astronaut Training Experience®.

Rad Delgado

The Mars Base 1 Plant Lab at the new ATX center is a working laboratory in partnership with NASA.

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Plant Lab Carrots

Starting in the fall of 2017, teachers will be able to bring their classes to the new Mars Base 1 at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for an immersive day of Mars-based, hands-on STEM challenges that will enhance their regular curriculum.

ATX South Entrance

Designed to be both authentic and fun, we are excited to offer a brand new ATX center to visitors at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex!