Bring home a galaxy of fun and learning with Virtual Camp KSC, offering hands-on science, technology, engineering and math activities for elementary school age students. From the safety and comfort of home, campers can complete engaging and fun activities centered on NASA-based science and engineering.

Virtual Camp KSC is a 3-day online camp, with each session lasting three hours. Campers will connect in real-time via Zoom video conference to a member of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex education staff. Campers will complete activities, focused on STEM learning, hosted from a variety of locations at the visitor complex.


Camp Missions and Activities:

"Alpha" Activities:

  • Session One: Rocketry – Forward to the Moon
    Campers complete hands-on missions based on the Apollo and Artemis programs.
  • Session Two: Low Earth Orbit – the Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS)
    Mission challenges are inspired by the ISS and the Space Shuttle Program.
  • Session Three: Living and Working on Mars
    Campers travel virtually to Mars, where they practice skills needed to colonize another planet.

"Beta" Activities:

  • Session One: Launching and Landing
    Using common household materials, campers will learn to build and launch different devices.
  • Session Two: Exploring Deep Space
    Campers will use chemistry, physics, and artistic creativity to build different models of the solar system.
  • Session Three: Living and Working in Space
    Campers will perform experiments and engineering design challenges to gain a better understanding of the challenges of living in microgravity.

"Gamma" Activities:

To be announced.

A kit containing camp supplies for the activities will be shipped to each camper approximately a week prior to the program.

For those who have completed previous virtual camps, please note these activities have been used in previous camps. Virtual camps prior to December 22, 2020 used the “Alpha” activities. Virtual camps from December 22 – 31, 2020 used the “Beta” activities.


Virtual Camp KSC includes one (1) Zoom video conference access code and one (1) Camp Kit.

A link to camper's Zoom camp meeting and a kit containing camp supplies will be sent to campers prior to the program. Only one (1) Virtual Camp KSC purchase is required for each household. Campers of the same household do not need separate Zoom access codes to participate in Virtual Camp KSC. Additional Camp Kits are available for purchase for an additional $25 per kit.

A computer with the free Zoom Client for Meetings program and internet access is required to participate in Virtual Camp KSC.


Virtual Camp KSC: $65 (plus tax)
Additional Camp Kits: $25 (plus tax)

Upcoming Camps:

August 17 - 19, 2021

  • 10 AM Eastern (9 AM Central, 8 AM Mountain, 7 AM Pacific)
  • “Gamma” camp activities

August 24 - 26, 2021

  • 1 PM Eastern (12 PM Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific)
  • “Gamma” camp activities

August 31 - September 2, 2021

  • 10 AM Eastern (9 AM Central, 8 AM Mountain, 7 AM Pacific)
  • “Gamma” camp activities

Currently, no reservations are available. Check back soon or sign up for the email newsletter to hear when more sessions become available.


All activity instructions are given in English and demonstrated step by step. Subtitles/closed captions are not available. Guests requesting special assistance, such as an ASL interpreter, must contact us at least two weeks in advance at

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