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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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When: February 20, 8:40 pm*
Where: SLC-37B, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Rocket Launch: Delta IV | GPS IIF-5


United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV rocket is set to launch an Air Force's navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS IIF-5 will be the 25th flight of the Delta IV launch vehicle since its inaugural flight in November 2002. 

GPS satellites are used by the general public and for U.S. military operations providing navigational assistance on land, at sea, and in the air. The GPS IIF-5 is considered a next-generation GPS satellite, featuring improvements to provide greater accuracy, increased signals, and enhanced performance for users.

*Launch date and time are subject to change.


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Quick Facts

For more than half a century, the Delta family of launch vehicles has achieved success in providing access to space for Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, and commercial companies. From the earliest Delta rockets to the industry workhorse Delta II, continual upgrades and improvements have led to the Delta IV, the most advanced Delta yet.

For detailed information on Delta IV rockets, learn more at United Launch Alliance