Step. Power. Launch.

Powered by YOU

Utilizing Piezoelectric technology, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is powering your future one step at a time! Step. Power. Launch. at the visitor complex is a collection of special piezoelectric tiles representing the Moon, Mars and Earth near NASA Central. Step on the tiles, see them light up and look up to the nearby tower as it collects the energy you are creating to “launch” a rocket! The piezoelectric energy is the conversion of mechanical stress into electrical energy to create a people-powered pathway.


Benefits of piezoelectric energy include the generation of clean and renewable energy from people power, integration with existing solar energy solutions, the creation of interactive sensing systems for sidewalks, roadways, hospitals and other high traffic areas and the potential for creating energy on another planet.


How To Play
From engineers and astronauts to flight directors, it takes a team to launch a rocket. Work together to “launch the rocket” on the towers:

  1. Step on the tiles to generate electricity.
  2. Power the meter on the tower.
  3. Launch the rocket when the meter is full.

Learn more about piezoelectricity and Step. Power. Launch. by visiting The Payload Blog.

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