Powered by YOU: Test the Interactive Piezoelectric Experience

Utilizing Piezoelectric technology developed by Georgia Tech, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is powering your future one step at a time! The Piezoelectric Experience is the conversion of mechanical stress into electrical energy to create a people-powered pathway. Be among the first to add your footprint to a walkway prototype of Piezoelectric technology, designed to generate power from every step you take. The PZ Experience testing area is located at the entrance to the visitor complex.

Piezoelectric is the latest example of how technology is incorporated into the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex experience. Once testing is complete, we’ll add additional mosaic tiles along walkways throughout the visitor complex. Benefits include the generation of clean and renewable energy from people power, integration with existing solar energy solutions, the creation of interactive sensing systems for sidewalks, roadways, hospitals and other high traffic areas and the potential for creating energy on another planet.


  1. Step, stomp or shuffle on a tile to activate the interactive Piezoelectric (PZ) experience
  2. Power a simulated rocket launch by stepping on the tiles of the walkway prototype
  3. Connect to and select Tour mode to learn more or scan QR code to enhance your experience
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