The Space Race Started Here

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America’s space program was born on the sunny coast of Florida at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in 1950. Before NASA built Kennedy Space Center, rockets soared into Earth's orbit from an extensive complex of launch pads meant to propel America into the future, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. Visitors can tour this historic military site, including launch complexes where Alan Shepard and the rest of the Mercury 7 astronauts blasted into space and Project Gemini's two-person launches helped us learn how to send astronauts to the moon. Tour stops also include the Air Force Space & Missile Museum, the Mercury 7 Monument, and Launch Complex 34, the memorial site for the crew of Apollo 1.


This tour is available Wednesday through Sunday only. Due to restricted access at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, each visitor on this tour must register with visitor complex security officers between 9 am and 11:00 am on the day of the tour. Register at the Information center located at the main entrance. For American citizens, a U.S. government-issued driver's license, passport, military ID or U.S. state ID card is required for tour participants age 18 and over. International adult and child participants must present a valid passport to participate. Please note that passport cards are not accepted as a valid form of ID for this tour.


The aerial image shows launch pads on what was known as Cape Kennedy Air Force Station in 1964. Today, the row of active and inactive launch sites are located on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Photo credit: NASA.

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The NASA story began in 1958.

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The NASA story officially began October 1, 1958 and today supports the ISS and Commercial Crew Program along with deep space exploration.

November 3, 2016 | BY MICHELLE
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