LEGO® Build to launch

LEGO® Education and NASA have joined forces to reengage students, spark their curiosity, and reignite joy in learning through the creation of Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration Series. Led by the new LEGO® Space Team, this digital learning series introduces students from around the world to the STEAM concepts, careers, and technology behind the Artemis I Mission.

LEGO® Education and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex have now teamed up to give guests an immersive STEAM learning experience! Get to know the LEGO® Space Team and how each of their roles is a critical part of a successful space mission. Learn about Artemis I and the six different learning missions students took over the course of the learning series, and even catch a glimpse of some of their cool creations.

Guests can also visit the free-build table to stretch their own engineering skils, and even get up close and personal for some photo-ops with the minifigs themselves!

The LEGO® Build to Launch exhibit is only at the visitor complex for a limited time, so be sure to add it to your day.

Attraction Details
  • include with admission tag Included With Admission
  • page detail Located inside IMAX Theater
  • Hours icon Allow 15 Minutes
  • page detail Wheelchair Accessible
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