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Aspiring Astronaut Abby Appearance and Photo Opportunity

Aug 05, 2017 01:30 PM Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted


Abigail Harrison, better known as "Astronaut Abby," is an aspiring astronaut who has dedicated her time to generating excitement about the future of deep space exploration. Astronaut Abby takes a break from her internship at Kennedy Space Center to discuss the non-profit, The Mars Generation, created to inspire today’s youth to learn about space and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), and to “dream big, act big and inspire others.”


"EVER since we first began exploring space, every generation has had a craft to transport their dreams into space. We have seen the Apollo Era, the Shuttle Era, and now we are ready to see the Orion Era. My generation, the Mars Generation, will make it happen. It's our time, we are ready." – Astronaut Abby


This special 30-minute presentation will take place in Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted. Immediately following her presentation, visitors will have an opportunity to take a photo with Astronaut Abby. The photo opportunity will last an hour.


This event is part of the Summer of Mars at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and is included with daily admission.



Aspiring astronaut, Abigail Harrison, better known as Astronaut Abby.

Aspiring Astronaut Abby Appearance and Photo Opportunity