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Day of Remembrance

Jan 26, 2017 10:00 AM - Jan 26, 2017 12:00 PM Center for Space Education and Space Mirror Memorial

NASA's Kennedy Space Center will pay tribute to the crews of Apollo 1 and space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, as well as other NASA colleagues, during the Day of Remembrance Thursday, January 26. 

A presentation with guest speakers begins at 10 am in Astronaut Memorial Foundation's Center for Space Education, located inside the visitor complex. The formal program includes speakers, videos and montages of fallen astronauts who are honored on this day. This year marks the 50th year since Apollo 1. Tragedy struck during a preflight test for the mission. Astronauts Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee lost their lives when a fire swept through the command module. After the presentation, a memorial wreath will be placed by family members of the Apollo 1 astronauts at the Space Mirror Memorial. Flowers will be distributed to all visitors so that they may also honor the fallen astronauts at the Space Mirror Memorial. This event will be broadcast on NASA TV.

Speakers at the ceremony will include Astronauts Memorial Foundation President Thad Altman, Apollo astronaut Michael Collins, Sheryl Chaffee, Apollo launch team member John Tribe, acting administrator for NASA Headquarters Robert Lightfoot, and Kennedy Space Center Director Robert Cabana. An invocation will be led by Apollo astronaut Charlie Duke.  The DeLaura Middle School Vocal Ensemble will perform the national anthem and the Viera High School JROTC will present the colors. The reading of the names of all fallen astronauts will be led by Charlie Duke.

The Astronauts Memorial Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization that built and maintains the Space Mirror Memorial, and provides free educational programs to all ages promoting America’s continued space exploration. The Space Mirror was dedicated in 1991 to honor all astronauts who lost their lives on missions or during training. It has been designated a National Memorial by Congress.


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Day of Remembrance


Event is included with daily admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

  • Presentation at Center for Space Education 10 am
  • Wreath-laying at Space Mirror Memorial immediately following conclusion of program