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"Plarn" Mats for Homeless Veterans | Observance of America Recycles Day

Nov 06, 2017 - Nov 07, 2017 Space Shuttle Atlantis


How many plastic grocery bags do you use and throw out on a weekly basis? Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is teaming up with NASA Environmental and Jacobs Group on November 6 and 7 to provide you with a way to reuse those bags for something meaningful. In a combined observation of Veterans Day and America Recycles Day we will collect plastic grocery bags to create mats for homeless veterans, all while benefiting the environment too!


Try your hand at “plarning!”

During these two days, we will collect plastic bags on the ground floor of Space Shuttle Atlantis® and will demonstrate to guests how to help with this project, how the mats will be used, and how to make the mats yourself by making “plarn,” or plastic yarn, from the bags. It takes up to 700 plastic bags to make just one 6-foot long mat, so every bag helps. Just be sure they are in good condition and not full of holes.

Upcycling plastic bags into plarn mats not only provides a homeless veteran with a lightweight, waterproof place to sit or lay down. It also keeps plastic bags out of our landfills and oceans.


Remember: If you are not plarning, remember to always use your reusable bags!


Plastic Yarn, or Plarn

"Plarn" Mats for Homeless Veterans | Observance of America Recycles Day