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Rocket Launch: April 14 2018 7:13 PM ES | ULA Atlas V AFSPC-11

Apr 14, 2018 07:13 PM Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Space Launch Complex-41 ULA Atlas V AFSPC-11


United Launch Alliance (ULA) is set to launch AFSPC-11, the eleventh Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) mission in the series for the United States Air Force. The rocket, an Atlas V with the 551 configuration, produces more than 2.5 million pounds of thrust.


Due to the unconfirmed launch time for AFSPC-11, there will be no launch viewing transportation tickets sold for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. If the launch occurs during normal hours of operation, 9:00 – 6:00 PM, guests may view it from anywhere at the main visitor complex, included with admission.

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Launch date, time, and viewing opportunities are subject to change. Launches can be affected by technical and mechanical issues as well as range operations and weather, either in advance or at the last minute.

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on the launchpad.

Rocket Launch: April 14 2018 7:13 PM EST | ULA Atlas V AFSPC-11

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