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Hands-On Demonstrations & Shows | NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

Aug 02, 2018 - Aug 06, 2018 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

NASA's historic Parker Solar Probe (PSP) mission will revolutionize our understanding of the sun. Hear about the PSP straight from NASA scientists and engineers! The following exhibits, demonstrations and shows will included with daily admission August 2 – 6, surrounding the anticipated launch on August 4, 2018. All activities and shows are included with daily admission.

NASA Exhibits and Demonstrations:

Where: Bottom floor of Space Shuttle Atlantis®

Augmented Reality (AR) PSP - John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
See the entire spacecraft to better understand the payload, the Parker Solar Probe. This demonstration uses ProtoSpace, a computer-aided design.

Virtual Reality (VR) - Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
Two VR Opportunities:

  • Parker Solar Probe in VR - Using HTC Vive headset and wireless handheld controllers, move in a 3D space to fly with PSP into the solar atmosphere.
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field in VR - View how solar wind affects Earth’s Magnetic Field.


  • Make solar handprints and create art using color changing UV beads.
  • Learn about magnetism and plasma in the sun-earth system and compare solar observations from Earth and space.

Special Shows and Presentations:

Science on a Sphere
Where: IMAX® Theater East Gallery
A special Parker Solar Probe presentation will be held in Science on a Sphere. Details coming soon.

Eyes on the Universe
Where: Universe Theater
In this 3D 4K presentation, learn the top 10 facts you need to know about Parker Solar Probe’s mission.

Parker Solar Probe on its way to the Sun

Hands-On Demonstrations & Shows | NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

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