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Rocket Launch: NET May 2018 | SpaceX SES-12

TBD Cape Canaveral Air Force Station SLC-40 Rocket Launch: NET May 2018 | SpaceX SES-12


A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will deliver SES-12 to a geostationary transfer orbit (GTO). The SES-12 satellite will improve communication and connectively in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

For this launch, the first stage of the rocket is flight-proven, meaning it flew in a previous mission.


Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers the closest public viewing of launches with the purchase of admission and a launch transportation/viewing ticket. Availability of viewing opportunities and locations is dependent upon the scheduled launch time and is subject to NASA and U.S. Air Force approval.

If launch transportation and viewing opportunities become available through the visitor complex, tickets are sold as soon as possible after a confirmed date and time is announced. Tickets may be purchased online under the VIP Launch Viewing tab on the ticket page if/when tickets are available.

As viewing locations are accessible from inside the visitor complex entrance only, you must purchase a daily admission ticket or an annual pass in order to use launch transportation/viewing tickets. Ticket holders are transported by Kennedy Space Center buses from the main visitor complex to the available viewing areas.

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Launch date, time, and viewing opportunities are subject to change. Launches can be affected by technical and mechanical issues as well as range operations and weather, either in advance or at the last minute.

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Rocket Launch: NET May 2018 | SpaceX SES-12

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