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Apollo/Saturn V Center Transformation Celebration

Jul 15, 2019 Apollo/Saturn V Center

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 and the ongoing anniversaries of each mission of the Apollo Program, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is enhancing the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Save the date of July 15, 2019 for the grand relaunching of this attraction that highlights NASA’s Apollo Program. Interactive and immersive exhibits will bring those first steps to life, showcasing the milestones of this era in space exploration and its worldwide influence. More details will be added as they become available.

Please note that the Apollo/Saturn V Center remains open during these updates, but pardon our Moon dust during the process! You can access the Apollo/Saturn V Center by taking the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour.

Father and daughter look up at the Saturn V rocket on display at the Apollo/Saturn V Center at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Apollo/Saturn V Center Transformation Celebration

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