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Honoring Apollo 13 | Apollo Program 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Apr 11, 2020 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The Apollo Program 50th anniversary celebrations continue on April 11, the anniversary of the launch of Apollo 13. Each Apollo mission launched from Kennedy Space Center and the visitor complex is honoring this milestone era in NASA’s history. We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of each launch by handing out an Apollo Mission Commemorative Card Set to guests visiting on the historic launch dates. Each pack will contain mission-specific facts and will include a minimum of five cards depending on the mission.

Apollo 13 commemorative trading cards will only be available on April 11, 2020. Upon arrival, please visit Information or Guest Services to pick up your card set. While visiting, be sure to take the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour to the newly transformed Apollo/Saturn V Center to get up close to the Apollo Program. There, you can experience what an Apollo launch was like, walk under a massive Saturn V Moon rocket, touch a Moon rock and more!

Continue your collection while supplies lasts. Please note that daily admission is required to receive this commemorative gift.

50th anniversary of Apollo 13 | Launched April 11, 1970

Honoring Apollo 13 | Apollo Program 50th Anniversary Celebrations

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