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U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction 

Nov 13, 2021 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Veteran astronauts Michael E. Lopez-Alegria, Pamela A. Melroy, and Scott Kelly will receive one of their industry's highest honors. They will be inducted into the United States Astronaut Hall of Fame® as the inductees of the 2020* class and join the 99 individuals who currently hold that esteemed honor.

The induction ceremony will take place on the bottom floor of Space Shuttle Atlantis® to honor these heroes. Inductees must have made their first flight at least 17 years before the induction, must be a U.S. citizen, a NASA-trained commander, pilot, or mission specialist, and have orbited the Earth at least once.

As the date of the ceremony comes closer, more details will be available for this prestigious event.

*Astronauts Lopez-Alegria, Melroy, and Kelly were selected as inductees in 2020. However, their induction ceremony has been postponed until November 2021 to allow us to honor their achievement with friends and family safely. For this reason, there will not be a 2021 class of inductees.

While at the visitor complex, be sure to visit the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame located inside Heroes & Legends. There, you will learn about all of the astronauts who belong to this prestigious group through interactive kiosks.

Originally conceived as a venue to honor space explorers by the Mercury 7 astronauts, the U.S Astronaut Hall of Fame opened in 1991, with the astronauts celebrated as the first inductees. A committee of Hall of Fame astronauts, former NASA officials, flight directors, historians and journalists select inductees, a process administered by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. For more information, visit www.AstronautScholarship.org.

Astronaut Hall of Fame

U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction 


Official portrait of Michael E. Lopez-Alegria

Astronaut Michael E. Lopez-Alegria

Official portrait of Pamela Melroy

Astronaut Pamela Melroy

Official portrait of Scott Kelly

Astronaut Scott Kelly