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Rocket Launch: NET August 2022 | NASA SLS Artemis I

Launch Pad 39B NASA SLS Artemis 1


The launch of Artemis I is a history-in-the-making moment. This is the first test of NASA’s deep space exploration systems, slated to launch from here at Kennedy Space Center. The Orion spacecraft will launch atop the massive Space Launch System (SLS) rocket for the first in a series of missions leading up to human deep space exploration. This uncrewed test flight will demonstrate NASA’s ability to extend human existence to the Moon and beyond.

During this 3-week mission, the spacecraft will travel thousands of miles beyond the Moon. Orion, the first human-grade, deep-space capsule will remain in space longer than any ship has before without docking to a space station. It will also return to Earth hotter and faster than any other spacecraft to date. 


Launch viewing packages are not yet available. Keep an eye on this page for updates on possible launch viewing opportunities once an official date and time is confirmed.



Image caption - The massive Space Launch System (SLS) core stage arrives to Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building in 2021. Credit: NASA

SLS Core stage makes its way to the VAB at Kennedy Space Center

Rocket Launch: NET August 2022 | NASA SLS Artemis I