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IMAX Theater

IMAX Theater, Space Station 3D

Picture yourself sleeping, eating, exercising and living in space, working aboard a laboratory where everything floats! This has been the way of life for approximately 200 astronauts who have called the International Space Station (ISS) home since 2000.

Filmed by 25 astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the ISS, this film not only shows stunning imagery of what life is like 250 miles above the Earth, but also the incredible training and skill it took for astronaut crews to assemble, module by module, the largest structure ever built in space. It’s all brought to you in crystal clear 3D IMAX®, narrated by actor Tom Cruise and projected on a five-story screen. Be sure to grab a pair of 3D glasses on the way into the theater then settle in for the journey of a lifetime.

IMAX Theater, Hubble 3D

Who would have thought that the telescope that produces such heavenly images of celestial bodies could be responsible for the riskiest spacewalk ever attempted by a space shuttle crew?

Follow along with narrator Leonardo DiCaprio and the crew of STS-125/Atlantis as they embark on the space shuttle’s final mission and very last chance to save the ailing Hubble Space Telescope. Watch on a larger-than-life five-story IMAX screen as space walkers literally climb into the bowels of the school-bus-sized telescope to replace its cameras – an activity they likened to performing brain surgery wearing oven mitts – all while spending hour after hour in partial darkness and temperatures reaching 200 degrees below zero.

The six total space shuttle missions that launched, repaired and serviced Hubble enabled the remarkable images you’ll see in crystal clear IMAX 3D, including the eerie Eagle Nebula, dubbed the “Pillars of Creation,” and the Orion Nebula, now known as a nursery for new stars thanks to Hubble’s infrared vision. See these and countless other stars, nebulas and galaxies among the billions discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope, one of the most significant scientific instruments ever built by man. Be sure to grab a pair of 3D glasses on the way into the theater then sit back and enjoy the greatest “light show” you’ll ever see.

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IMAX Space Station 3D