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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
You’re invited to meet a veteran NASA astronaut at the live Astronaut Encounter show. Offered multiple times daily, this exciting presentation features an astronaut every day with more than 30 of the approximately 500 hundred men and women who have flown in space scheduled throughout the year. Meet commanders, pilots, mission specialists, payload specialists and others who have launched, landed and lived and worked aboard the space shuttle and/or International Space Station. 

The featured astronaut will first share with you a brief multimedia presentation about his or her experience, including background, training, missions, and more. Next, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about space travel or what it takes to become a part of NASA’s elite astronaut corps, now is the time to ask! Following the presentation, the astronaut will have time for a quick photo with each guest, so have your camera or smartphone ready!

Nowhere else in the world is an experienced astronaut standing by each day to personally chat with you! Check the astronaut appearance calendar to learn which astronaut hero will be here when you visit.* And, be sure to check the daily schedule upon your arrival for exact show times. 

*Astronaut times, dates and schedule are subject to change. Daily schedule is subject to change.