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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Becoming an astronaut sounds glamorous, but what is it really like? If you’ve always dreamed about exploring space, ATX®, the Astronaut Training Experience, can give you a taste of just what astronauts go through to become a member of NASA’s elite astronaut corps. Call 866.737.5235 to book your reservation now for ATX, the Astronaut Training Experience! 

This exciting, fast-paced half-day experience gives you a true example of what it’s like to train as a member of NASA’s prestigious astronaut corps. This program was developed with the guidance of veteran space travelers.

Your adventure begins with a mission briefing and question-and-answer session with a veteran NASA astronaut – one of the few men and women who have explored beyond our Earth – then continues under the guidance of educators and space flight experts. 

Next, it’s your turn to take the helm as you practice the skills you’ll need to complete your mission. You’ll learn how to execute a high-Earth orbit to rendezvous, dock with and perform critical repair work on the International Space Station then land the space shuttle at Kennedy Space Center. 

To prepare your body for space flight, you’ll need to test your strength and stamina to be successful on simulators like the Micro-Gravity Wall, Multi-Axis Trainer and 1/6th Gravity Chair. At the Micro-Gravity Wall, you’ll be outfitted with harnesses and customized weights which allow you to climb and descend the wall in an almost effortless state. In the 1/6th Gravity Chair, a system of springs and pulleys help to create the feeling that you’re walking on the moon. The bravest of recruits will take on the MAT, or Multi-Axis Trainer, a device that randomly spins and twirls its occupant in multiple directions and through 360º revolutions.

Once you and your fellow crew members are sufficiently trained, it’s time to put your new skills to the test. You’ll perform a simulated space shuttle mission in which you’ll work individually and as a team. Each crew member is assigned a specific role (mission commander, co-pilot, mission specialist, mission control officer, etc.) and, based on the assignment, proceeds to a full-scale mock-up of the space shuttle orbiter, or takes the helm in a realistically outfitted mission control room. Cue scripts will prompt you and each member of the crew to recite specific lines during the space shuttle mission simulation, contributing to the realistic feel and overall success of your mission. 

Finally, you’ll celebrate your certain success with a graduation “ceremony,” where you’ll be acknowledged for your hard work and be briefed about the future of the U.S. Space Program. Congratulations, trainee! 
See if you’ve got what it takes to join the brave men and women who have ventured beyond Earth’s gravity to achieve their dreams of traveling in space. Call 866.737.5235 to book your reservation now for ATX, the Astronaut Training Experience! 


Astronaut Training Experience® (ATX)