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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

For a list of available movie times, please see our daily show schedule on the day of your visit.

Experience the magic of crystal-clear, 3D IMAX® cinematography on the world’s only twin IMAX screens, each an astounding five stories tall.

Choose from two incredible space-themed films – or better yet, schedule time to see both – then settle in for an out-of-this-world journey, without ever leaving your seat. With your 3D glasses, provided on your way into the theater, eye-popping images of space come to life before your eyes, so real you’ll swear you could reach out and touch them.

Where will human space explorers go next? How will they get there? The new “Journey to Space” film explores NASA’s bold plans for deep space exploration using stunning space footage. Witness harrowing spacewalks performed to service the Hubble Space Telescope and the mind-blowing visions of far away galaxies and nebulas it has captured. Celebrity narrators Sir Patrick Stewart and Leonardo DiCaprio make your IMAX theater experience even more memorable.

Both movie experiences are included in your admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, so don’t miss your chance to see both larger-than-life films during your next visit!