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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
If you could have a meal with absolutely anyone, who would it be? If you’ve ever answered “an astronaut,” then you’re in luck!

Join us daily for Lunch with an Astronaut, where you’ll sit down to a delicious buffet meal, featuring salads, hot entrées and desserts, and hear from a veteran NASA astronaut about what it’s really like to launch, live and work in space. He or she speaks and shows a personalized presentation, then takes individual questions from you and other guests. Now is the time to ask everything you’ve ever wanted to know about being a part of NASA’s elite astronaut corps. Be sure to bring your camera or smart phone – part of your experience includes the chance to snap a photo with your new astronaut friend. 

Visit the astronaut schedule to see who will be the featured astronaut at Lunch With An Astronaut. 

Seating is limited, so Register Online or call 866.737.5235 to register in advance.
Learn more about menu options for this experience. 

You can also make reservations at the Ticket Plaza as you enter the Visitor Complex.

Lunch With An Astronaut