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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
From the very first unmanned missions to see if we could safely launch a rocket into space, to the earliest of the Apollo missions that would one day travel to the moon, America’s history in space is laid out before your very eyes in the majestic Rocket Garden. 

Meander through soaring spacecrafts, reaching 80-, 90-, 100- or more feet into the heavens, and imagine what it was like to sit atop one of these “flaming candles,” hurtling into the unknown. Do more than just imagine. Climb inside replicas of the one-, two-, and three-seat capsules from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo eras to get a feel for the extremely cramped conditions America’s first astronauts endured.

Informative signage tells you more about the earliest rockets, for example, the 77-foot Juno, which was used to launch NASA’s first satellites, and the 109-foot Titan II, which was used for 12 Gemini missions. Stroll the length of the 223-foot Saturn 1B, the powerful rocket used to orbit the moon, and walk the very same launch pad gantry used by the astronauts of Apollo 11, the men who first landed on the moon. These are just a few of the vehicles that stand ready to greet you.

Impressive by day, this garden grows even more beautiful at night, thanks to dramatic lighting effects.

Free guided tours (included with daily admission) of the Rocket Garden are given several times per day. Please see the daily show schedule for exact times.