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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Trace the progression of space exploration at the place where it all began……Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Travel through time on the KSC Up-Close Cape Canaveral: Then & Now Tour to learn how the first rockets were launched and the first astronauts became heroes.

This story begins at the Air Force Space & Missile Museum at Pad 26 on Cape Canaveral, site of the first successful launch of a man-made satellite in 1958, and the 1961 launch of the first American in space, Alan Shepard. These evolutional days and their amazing milestones leave you marveling at how these visionary pioneers braved the unknown to pursue dreams of space exploration.

Visit original launch control sites located close to a launch pad just yards away. 

The unwavering American spirit comes to life as you hear the stories and visit the historical locations on this tour, like the tragic Apollo 1 fire that took the lives of Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee at Launch Complex 34 in 1967, and the return-to-flight effort that followed.

The original seven astronauts gained celebrity status for their bravery and accomplishments in the missions that furthered NASA’s vision and President Kennedy’s call to reach the moon. The Mercury 7 Monument is a classic tribute to these men.

Surrounding the many facilities where thousands of skilled technicians prepared these new space vehicles for launch is the beauty of the unspoiled Merritt Island National WildLife Refuge. Traveling to seaside launch pads along the shore, the tour stops to tell the story of the 150-year old Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, where legend says Dr. Wernher von Braun monitored the early rocket launches from a walkway at the top of the lighthouse.

Fast forward to the present day and learn about Cape Canaveral’s active role as a rocket launch site for United Launch Alliance, SpaceX and NASA missions. Cape Canaveral Air Force Station supports both commercial and government operations launching probes, satellites and spacecraft, including science and supplies for the International Space Station.

As your experienced space expert guides you back to the Kennedy Space Center past the massive Vehicle Assembly Building and other mission processing locations, they share the contributions from the Apollo era that led to the success of the 30-year Space Shuttle Program.

Reaching the Apollo/Saturn V Center is an exciting last stop where the artifacts from the Apollo Moon program are located. In addition to the Saturn V rocket, the largest rocket ever built, get an up-close view of Commander Alan Shepard’s lunar suit (complete with moon dust), the astronaut van, lunar rover and the thrill of seeing and touching a moon rock.

This historical adventure is unmatched. Buy tickets now.

ID Requirements
Please arrive at the designated boarding area at least 15 minutes before departure time. A U.S. government-issued Driver’s License or U.S. State ID card is required for guests age 18 and over. International adult and child guests must present a valid passport to participate.

Tour Length: 3 – 3.5 hours

Call 866.737.5235 for reservations or more information. Available 9 am - 6 pm, Eastern Standard Time

• The KSC Up-Close Cape Canaveral: Then and Now Tour is an additional fee to daily admission. Adults: $25 per person, plus tax, in addition to admission. Children (age 3 – 11): $19 person, plus tax, in addition to admission.
• When choosing a KSC Up-Close tour, there is no need to take the KSC Bus Tour included with daily admission.
• Tours sell out daily. Reservations are strongly suggested. Reserve online or call 866.737.5235. (9 am – 6 pm).
• If purchasing more than one guided tour or purchasing a tour and Lunch With An Astronaut, we strongly suggest upgrading to a multiday ticket or annual pass. Due to time constraints, multiple tours cannot be taken in the same day.
• Tour times do not include time spent at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Returning to the Visitor Complex from the Apollo/Saturn V Center takes approximately 20 minutes.

Kennedy Space Center is a working launch facility. As a result, all tours and times are subject to change without notice.
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