With so much to explore, where do you begin?

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is organized into Mission Zones where attractions and tours are grouped by chronological era. From the dawn of space exploration to current and ongoing missions, you can get an up-close, hands-on feel for the story of humans in space. Fuel your quest for inspiration right here.

Mission Zones

Heroes & Legends

Celebrate the pioneers of NASA’s early space programs which inspired a nation to reach for the stars.
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Behind the Gates

Gain exclusive access to historic launch sites and operational spaceflight facilities on the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour, included with daily admission.  Go behind the gates and get access to historic launch sites and working spaceflight facilities on Kennedy Space Center Bus Tours.
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Race To The Moon

What began as a space race between two world superpowers fostered inspiration about perseverance, ingenuity and destiny. Now, witness the size and scale of the Saturn V moon rocket, and feel the emotion of the Apollo era with a captivating collection of experiences.
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Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

Stand in awe of an American icon at the permanent home of the actual space shuttle Atlantis.
Then, strap yourself in for liftoff at the Shuttle Launch Experience®.
Thirty years of NASA's Space Shuttle Program comes to life in this Mission Zone.
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NASA Now + Next

Here is your opportunity to learn about NASA missions, from where we are now to where we're going next!
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Plan Your Mission
Children interacting with touch panels in the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit.


Just as every successful launch requires a pre-launch checklist, so does your visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.
Make the most of your adventure with the best information to plan your visit.
All exhibits are subject to change and tours may be altered or closed due to operational requirements or launch preparations.