NASA's Space Shuttle Program

A ship like no other, the space shuttle launched like a rocket and landed like a glider while transporting astronauts to space and back for thirty years. Stand in awe of this American icon at Space Shuttle Atlantis®, permanent home of the orbiter. Explore shuttle missions that secured the future of Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. Learn how to dock and land the shuttle with training simulators. and then strap in for lift-off at Shuttle Launch Experience®. Discover the legacy of NASA's Space Shuttle Program.

Mission Zone Overview
  • Hours icon Allow 2.5 hours
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  • page detail Wheelchair Accessible
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Key Attractions

Hubble Space Telescope Theater

Astronaut Training Simulators

Forever Remembered

ISS Triumph of Technology

Shuttle Launch Experience®

Look Closer
Constellation Sphere

Constellation Sphere

Known as a Kugel ball, this 9 ton black granite sphere etched with 88 constellations floats on a fountain of water, demonstrating the science of buoyancy and friction.
Space Shuttle Atlantis interactive panels

Join Us on Orbit

Don't miss the upper gallery next to Atlantis! Interactive touch screens allow you to explore all 135 shuttle missions. Interactive simulators will test your skills at performing a spacewalk.
Atlantis Shuttle Slide

Fiery Ride Home

Experience your own landing by riding the re-entry slide to the first floor of Space Shuttle Atlantis. The exciting adrenaline rush brings is only a small peek at how the astronauts felt during their real space shuttle landing. Learn more about the slide on the Payload blog!
People Made the Difference

People Made the Difference

Hear stories from the Space Shuttle Program workers, spin the wheels of the last shuttle to land and see the original prototype that sparked the inspiration for the first shuttle.
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Tour with An Astronaut

One of a Kind Program