Enter into the spaceport of the future and embark on one of four incredible space journeys in Spaceport KSC. Fly to destinations never-before explored such as Mars, Trappist-1, a Horsehead Nebula, Saturn, Jupiter, and more during this motion theater ride.

On your way to the gate, experience the sights and sounds of a galactic spaceport and peer through digital windows for views of a busy spaceport with ground transportation movement, launches, and landings. Then, proceed toward the departure gates where you will choose between four journeys entitled Cosmic Wonders, Daring Explorers, Red Planet, and Uncharted Worlds.

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  • Please note that there is a height restriction of 39 inches  or 99 centimeters.
  • There is an available "child swap" room, allowing adults to alternate their turn on the ride.
  • For those guests unable to transfer to the ride seats or have restrictions or sensitivity to motion, they may select the Observation Bay to experience a full ride, minus the movement.
Attraction Details
  • include with admission tag Included with admission
  • page detail Located in Gateway: Deep Space Launch Complex
  • Hours icon Allow 30 minutes
  • page detail Observation Bay is wheelchair accessible
  • page detail Map