Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers a free on-site pet kennel for visitors. Complimentary water and food bowls are available in this climate controlled facility, as well as waste bags. Current vaccination and documentation is required for check-in before boarding your pet with us. Valid government-issued ID is required for pet ownership verification.

• Proof of current vaccinations
• Veterinarian Contact Information
• Emergency Contact Information for someone who is not in your visiting party
• A non-retractable leash 6 feet (1.83m) or shorter and/or a pet carry all cage or container
• Pet collar with identification tags

Suggested items to bring:
• A pet bed or blanket
• Food
• Treats
• Toys

The kennel is available during visitor complex operating hours with no overnight service available. Entrance to the kennel is secured and visitors must request access when they arrive. Contact crewmembers at Information, located at the entrance, for access. Crewmembers are not responsible for walking, watering, feeding, or cleaning up after your pet. Please plan your visit accordingly so that your pet can receive proper attention in keeping with your pet’s personal care schedule. Download the Kennel Registration before your visit.

Kennel Operating Hours:

9am to until 30 minutes after visitor complex closes
See visitor complex schedule

Kennels cannot be reserved in advance. Call 321.449.4440 for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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