Scrub Policy

Scrub Policy for Launch Viewing Packages

The launch viewing package you have purchased is mission-specific (i.e. Artemis I), not date/time specific. Launch packages are non-transferrable to another mission. Your launch viewing package includes:

  • Two launch-day admission opportunities, one admission on the date the launch is scheduled and on additional launch attempt if a scrub or delay occurs after your arrival to the visitor center complex the day of the first attempt.
  • Additionally, retain your package's ticket for an addition return visit within 30 days after the launch date to explore the rest of the visitor center complex attractions and exhibits.

Launch packages are non-refundable unless the launch is delayed, and it is three (3) days or more prior to the new targeted launch date/time. For instance, if a launch was previously scheduled for the 21st of the month but moved to the 22nd, refunds are available upon request up to three (3) days before the 22nd. Therefore, depending on how early a new date is announced by the launch provider, refunds may not be offered for all launches.

The launch date has changed. Now what?
  • All package inclusions* are valid for the new launch date/time.
  • Refunds may be requested, only if three (3) days or more to the new launch date/time.
  • All package inclusions* are valid for the new launch date/time.
  • Refunds are not available.
  • All package inclusions* will be provided on the original launch date and considered fulfilled.
  • Food, beverages, and retail may be available for purchase at the viewing location for the new launch date/time.
  • Admission, transportation (if applicable), and vehicle placard (if applicable) is valid for a total of two (2) launch attempts, which means two occasions when the launch does not occur on the day of the attempt.
  • Refunds are not available.

* Inclusions are considered food, beverage, and retail items.