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Learn About the Space Launch System (SLS) with Jay Hollenbeck

Jul 21, 2022 02:00 PM Journey to Mars


Curious about the new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket? Or how it will take astronauts back to the Moon? Join us during this Summer of Artemis for a special presentation from Jay Hollenbeck, the Deputy Hardware Manager for the Interim Cryogenic Stage (ICPS) of the SLS.


The ICPS is a single-engine liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen-based system within the rocket that provides in-space propulsion after the solid rocket boosters and core stage are jettisoned away during flight. The ICPS will give the Orion spacecraft the big push needed to fly beyond the Moon before returning to Earth, which will soon be tested during the upcoming Artemis I uncrewed mission.


Join us for his presentation in Journey to Mars on July 21, 2022 at 2:00 PM to get the latest information on SLS after the last roll-back and wet dress rehearsal.


This event is included with admission.




Learn About the Space Launch System (SLS) with Jay Hollenbeck