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Exclusive Photo Opportunity of Artemis I

Mar 29, 2022 - Apr 13, 2022 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
See the rocket that will soon take astronauts to the Moon and beyond!

NASA just rolled out the massive Space Launch System (SLS) rocket from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to Launch Pad 39B, the future launch site for the rocket’s inaugural mission, Artemis I. For a limited time, see the Artemis I Moon rocket on Launch Pad 39B via a Kennedy Space Center tour bus. The bus takes you through NASA’s gates to the iconic photo location, Camera Stop A/B, only about a mile away from the pad. From there, see the rocket up close for unparalleled views and capture history-in-the-making photos.

The Exclusive Photo Opportunity of Artemis I will be offered multiple times per day March 28 – April 13, 2022 * pending availability and in addition to daily admission. See the calendar at the link below for the latest available date and times.

* Please remember that NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is an operational launch facility and tour availability may be altered or canceled without advanced notice.

This photo opportunity is only available for a short time before the rocket is rolled back to the VAB. Availability is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and advanced tickets are highly recommended.

Price: $15 per person *


* You must also purchase daily admission to use this ticket. Price does not include tax, and is for both child and adult passengers.

Additional Details:

After visiting the camera stop, you will be transported to the Apollo/Saturn V Center where you can explore on your own time. Then, take another bus back to the main visitor complex. This photo opportunity and bus transportation totals about 50 minutes long, but we recommend you plan a round trip of about 2 and a half hours to allow time to visit the Apollo/Saturn V Center’s exhibits and attractions.

Artemis 1 on launch pad 39B

Exclusive Photo Opportunity of Artemis I