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Human Factors Engineering Presentation
Damon Stambolian

Jul 21, 2023 Journey to Mars

Don't miss a special presentation from Damon Stambolian, primary human factors engineer at Kennedy Space Center, supporting the design of ground systems for the Space Launch System (SLS). Stambolian’s presentation will cover his position at NASA and what human factors engineers do at Kennedy Space Center. Human factors engineers evaluate, test, and analyze the design of systems like this to ensure people can easily use them. This can include displays and controls, workstations, etc. so that they are user-friendly.

Catch this presentation inside Journey To Mars: Launched by United Launch Alliance at 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00 PM. Each will last approximately 20 minutes with a 10 to 15-minute Q&A. 



As the KSC Engineering Directorate human factors lead, Damon Stambolian has become an expert on human factors systems engineering for over 40 subsystems for Hardware and Software (Controls/ Displays). Through the design development of the Constellation Program and Space Launch System (SLS), he has worked diligently with various NASA and contractor personnel at KSC, Marshall Space Flight Center, and Johnson Space Center, to pull together systems engineering, requirements and processes for successful human factors design of ground systems for the SLS. He is now applying his vast experiences to Exploration Mission-1 verification and validation, and to the upcoming Exploration Mission-2 initial design phases. 

This presentation is included with admission, so be sure to add it to your day! 



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Human Factors Engineering Presentation