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Women in Space Chalk Artists

Jul 17, 2023 Behind Red Rock Grill

During this summer's Celebration of Women in Space, the visitor complex is welcoming talented, local artists to create one-of-a-kind chalk art installations each Monday in July. The artists will be creating a unique piece that will pay homage to the important role women have in our space program. 

On Monday, July 17, the featured artists are Leigh Alfredson and Ron Hawkins.

Leigh Alfredson

Ron Hawkins

These installations will be located behind Red Rock Grill next to Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex. The artists are scheduled to will begin their work early in the morning each Monday, but due to the nature of the chalk medium, these installations are weather-permitting and will only last as long as weather or foot traffic allows. 

Join us early each Monday in July for the chance to see these artists in action and watch their creations unfold.


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Women in Space Chalk Artists