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ILLUMA-T Team Launch Event

Nov 02, 2023 - Nov 08, 2023 Space Shuttle AtlantisĀ® (Bottom Floor)

Here’s your chance to meet the ILLUMA-T team!

NASA’s ILLUMA-T, also called the Integrated Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Low Earth Orbit User Modem and Amplifier Terminal, will demonstrate how missions in low Earth orbit can benefit from laser communications. The ILLUMA-T payload is hitching a ride to the International Space Station on the upcoming Commercial Resupply 29 mission.

The team will be on the bottom floor of Space Shuttle Atlantis beginning Thursday, November 2 through Sunday, November 8 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Also, don’t miss the presentations in Journey To Mars at 2 PM on November 2 and November 6 through November 8!


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ILLUMA-T and International Space Station artist rendering

ILLUMA-T Team Launch Event