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Astronaut Scholar Will Jarvis Presentation

Apr 08, 2024 11:00 AM Journey To Mars

In honor of our Partial Solar Eclipse and Earth Day celebration, Astronaut Scholar Will Jarvis will be on site speaking about eclipses, his research on black holes, and our solar system. His first presentation will take place at 11 A.M. and discuss the eclipse and then at 3:30 P.M., he will discuss his research on black holes, both taking place inside Journey To Mars.

You can also catch Will in the Rocket Garden during the afternoon to answer your burning questions!

This program is included with admission.

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Will Jarvis Bio:

Will Jarvis, a 5th-year senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is an Astronaut Scholar for 2022 and 2023. As a research assistant, he focuses on studying the coevolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes, contributing to the field's understanding. In addition to his academic achievements, Will has a passion for astrophotography and is actively involved in music, drumming for his band Live From Mars.

Astronaut Scholar Will Jarvis

Astronaut Scholar Will Jarvis Presentation

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The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's Astronaut Scholars are students in their junior and senior year of college studying science, technology, engineering, or mathematics with the intent to pursue research or advance their field upon completion of their final degree.