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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The Experience: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis®
    Shuttle Launch Experience®
  • Lunch with an Astronaut
    Lunch With An Astronaut
  • Astronaut Training Experience® (ATX)
    Astronaut Training Experience (ATX)®
  • NASA IMAX® Space Films
    IMAX® Theater
  • Apollo Saturn V Experience
    Apollo/Saturn V Center
  • Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted
    Journey to Mars
  • Rocket Garden Experience
    Rocket Garden
  • Astronaut Encounter
    Astronaut Encounter
  • US Astronaut Hall of Fame
    U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
  • Astronaut Memorial
    Astronaut Memorial
  • Children's Play Dome
    Children's Play Dome
  • Early Space Exploration
    Early Space Exploration
  • Stand nose-to-nose with Space Shuttle Atlantis and become immersed in true-to-life spaceflight. Celebrate the people and accomplishments of America’s incredible 30-year shuttle program.

  • “3-2-1- Liftoff!” Sit back, buckle up and hold on tight as you experience what veteran NASA astronauts call the world’s most realistic simulation of a space shuttle launch. The sights, sounds and sensations are so real, you may wonder if you’ve actually left Earth! 

  • Guess who’s coming to lunch! When you book this special, limited-seating experience, you’ll see and hear an inspiring multimedia presentation by a veteran NASA astronaut as you enjoy a delicious catered meal. Be sure to ask questions and snap a photo with your astronaut hero!

  • Two incredible 3D IMAX® movies capture the mystery and majesty of space with actual footage filmed by astronauts and breathtaking celestial images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

  • Travel back in time to experience the very first Saturn V moon launch – Apollo 8 – from within the controlled chaos of the “firing room.” Walk beneath a massive Saturn V rocket that’s as long as a football field, touch a moon rock, and relive the harrowing first moon landing, Apollo 11.

  • Calling all future space explorers! Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted combines live theater, games and simulators, and large-scale multimedia presentations to educate and inspire the next generation of space travelers. See you on Mars!

  • The only thing growing in this “garden” is your imagination, as you stroll amidst an array of real and replica capsules and rockets – soaring as high as 109 feet into the sky – that have played an integral role in the American space program.

  • Always wondered how astronauts eat, sleep and live in space? Ever wonder what’s going through their minds as they sit on the launch pad waiting for lift-off? Find out more from a veteran NASA astronaut in person at Astronaut Encounter, presented live multiple times each day.

  • Meet the American heroes who have stretched our understanding of the universe and pushed our human potential to the limits. Come celebrate their achievements and hear their personal stories as you view the LARGEST collection of astronaut memorabilia ever assembled.

  • Here, you’ll find the names of each of NASA’s fallen astronaut heroes emblazoned on a massive black granite monument and reflected into the heavens. Join us in preserving the memory of these brave men and women, who gave their lives to push the boundaries of space exploration.

  • Junior astronauts are invited to let their imaginations soar – and burn off some energy – in this space-themed play area where they can climb, slide, explore and make believe! The covered dome encompasses picnic table seating to provide both kids and parents a shady spot to relax. 

  • In preparation for our new, next-generation attraction, Heroes and Legends, featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®, Early Space Exploration will close permanently to guests on Sept. 28, 2015.

  • See if you’ve got “the right stuff” to become an astronaut!  Discover ATX®, the Astronaut Training Experience, a thrilling half day filled with hands-on training and preparation for the rigors of space flight, designed with the help of veteran NASA astronauts.