Moonscape is one of the most compelling new exhibits at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Moonscape shows a scene from Apollo 11 when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong planted the American flag on the lunar surface. The most eye-catching artifact is Lunar Module 9 (LM-9), an authentic lunar module created for the Apollo Program. Originally intended to fly on Apollo 15, LM-9 was replaced with an Extended Lunar Module when the lunar rover was added to the mission. Get an up-close look at the vehicle that sheltered humans on the Moon and lifted them off the surface when the exploration was complete.

While there, be sure to put your skills to the test in three interactive challenges. Learn about each part of the lunar module and Apollo spacesuit, and see how far a golf ball will fly with the Moon’s lower gravitational pull. You can also practice landing and launching the lunar module and docking with the command service module.

Attraction Details
  • include with admission tag Included with admission
  • transport Only accessible via Kennedy Space Center Bus Tours
  • Hours icon Allow 20 minutes
  • transport Return shuttle buses leave Apollo/Saturn V Center every 15 minutes and travel 20 minutes to the main visitor complex
  • page detail Wheelchair Accessible
  • page detail Map
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