Event Venue: Apollo/Saturn V Center

Millions of people all over the world held their breath while a single man put his foot onto the moon's surface during a journey that began just a short distance from where the Apollo/Saturn V Center stands today. For those who witnessed history, the moon landing is imprinted in their minds just as the footprints are imprinted on the lunar surface of Tranquility Base. Here at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, this historic event returns dramatically to life!

Guests arriving at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex enter through the Rocket Garden where NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft are represented by this garden of giants. Guests board private NASA buses to travel the path the Apollo astronauts took in preparation for launch. On this route, guests can view the operational side of Kennedy Space Center which spans over 140,000 acres, including the gigantic Vehicle Assembly Building and launch pads before arriving at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. 

The spirit, scope and scale of NASA’s Apollo program moon landing missions are authentically captured in this enormous 100,000-square-foot facility. The dramatic centerpiece of the Apollo/Saturn V Center, and your event, is the gigantic Saturn V moon rocket, introduced through the Apollo 8 launch sequence at mission control and then revealed in all of its enormous stages. One of only three left in existence, this Saturn V is painstaking restored to Smithsonian Museum standards. The Apollo/Saturn V Center has hosted many blockbuster events, including premiere screenings of Hollywood blockbuster Armageddon and HBO's From the Earth to the Moon

For the event, dining tables are placed directly under the rocket. Throughout the evening, guests have access to the Lunar Landing Theater where Neil Armstrong's historic moon landing and walk are recreated, and lunar equipment such as landers, rovers and an actual moon rock are on display. Outdoors, guests can view historic Launch Complex 39 launch pads and the Banana River. Afterward, guests board NASA buses for travel back to the main visitor complex and depart with thrilling memories of your unique event! 

Venue Availability 

Year round 7 pm-10 pm 

For seated events, 72” round tables, white linen, black napkins and chair covers for up to 200 guests are available. For this large venue, food stations are recommended. A stand-up reception requires a separate proposal and pricing estimate. 

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