Event Venue: Space Shuttle Atlantis

Arriving for an event at Kennedy Space Center, guests enter through the visitor complex main entrance next to the Rocket Garden where NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft are represented by this garden of giants. At the entrance to Space Shuttle Atlantis, guests will pass beneath a full-sized replica of the shuttle’s external tank and two solid rocket boosters, positioned vertically as if waiting for liftoff. The exterior of Space Shuttle Atlantis also features two sweeping winged architectural elements representing space shuttle launch and landing. The orange outer layer of the building represents the fiery glow of atmosphere re-entry.

Entering the venue, guests will be inspired by the 30 year history of space exploration during NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. With the dramatic reveal of Atlantis, guests find themselves standing nose-to-nose with this spacecraft, elevated at a 43.21° angle with payload bay doors open – previously viewed this way only by astronauts in space. From that vantage point, guests will make their way down to the ground floor for the event. Dining tables are placed under the center of the shuttle. Throughout the evening, guests are welcome to explore and experience over 60 interactive exhibits and depart with thrilling memories of your unique event!

Venue Availability 

April through June 7 pm-10 pm 

June through Labor Day in September 8 pm-11 pm 

After Labor Day in September 7 pm-10 pm

For seated events, 72” round tables, white linen, black napkins and chair covers for up to 300 guests are available. A stand-up reception requires a separate proposal and pricing estimate.

Choose from a variety of menu options for this venue. Contact us at kscevent@delawarenorth.com for more information.

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