Planet Play


Aspiring astronauts team up with satellite and rover buddies to play games and complete fun missions! On Saturn's rings, collect balls of data and launch them to the satellite buddy. In an interactive puzzle, step on the stars to recreate the constellations in the sky.

Planet Play rendering


Surrounded by the nature of space, young explorers climb among the stars, slide through wormholes, walk on Saturn’s rings, and explore different planet surfaces. Toddlers can explore the surface of the Moon in the soft play area.

Planet Play rendering


Watch the kids play and learn while enjoying the coffee, wine and beer bar in a comfortable lounge. Enjoy space trivia and watch as children play on the planets.

Planet Play

The Universe is your Playground

A new, fully-immersive multiple-story play experience is open at the visitor complex. Designed for a younger generation of space explorers ages 2 – 12, Planet Play is an indoor interactive area where children play on the planets. Numerous interactive gaming and artistic components are designed to create a memorable learning experience. While kids play and learn, parents can enjoy a coffee, wine and beer bar in a comfortable lounge while watching their tiny explorers learn about space.

Ready to visit? Purchase admission to gain entry to this new play area along with many other attractions and exhibits at the visitor complex.


Children must be supervised by a parent or adult at all times in the play area.

Satellite Buddy Juno


Explore the planets with the satellites who have visited them. The Juno Satellite is in a polar orbit around Jupiter to measure its composition, gravity field and more.

Cassini Saturn Satellite buddy


The Cassini-Huygens Satellite orbited around Saturn giving us incredible data and images of Saturn and its rings.

The New Horizons Satellite buddy


The New Horizons Satellite was the first spacecraft to study Pluto and the Kuiper Belt up close.

Do you Know The Solar System?

Young explorers can learn more about the planets prior to their visit by testing their knowledge with these fun, short quizzes on the planets, Moon, Sun and more.


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