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6 Key Elements of Artemis Scavenger Hunt

Jul 19, 2021 - Aug 08, 2021 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The next generation of space explorers will be amazed and inspired while learning about NASA’s Artemis missions in a fun and interactive way. Pick up a Mission Manual at Information or 
the Space Shop and answer questions about NASA’s next giant leap during visits to six Artemis stations throughout the visitor complex. Each station will feature a short video with information about the questions in the manual. Place a station sticker on the Mission Map after recording the answer in the manual. Once all answers are completed, the explorers can return to Information or the Space Shop to collect a Mission Success reward!  

Find Artemis Exploration Stations in the 
following attractions:   

  • Heroes & Legends  
  • Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted 
  • NASA Now 
  • Planet Play 
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis®  
  • Apollo/Saturn V Center*      


With popular demand, we extended our Artemis celebrations through August 8! Plan your visit now by purchasing your daily admission tickets to the visitor complex ahead of time. 



*Accessibility to the Apollo/Saturn V Center is dependent on bus tour reservation availability. If you are unable to visit this attraction, you may still complete the Mission Manual. 

Image Credit: NASA

NASA Concept Imagery of Artemis astronaut on the Moon

6 Key Elements of Artemis Scavenger Hunt

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