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Women in Space with Nicole Stott

Jul 26, 2021 03:00 PM Journey To Mars


During the Artemis missions, NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon using innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before. Learn more about NASA’s plans to return to the Moon and the influence that the former space programs have in the “next giant leap” from veteran astronaut Nicole Stott. The presentation will be held in Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted at 3 PM.

Stott has flown two spaceflights and spent 104 days living and working in space. Hear how her career began as a structural design engineer before she became a space shuttle astronaut, and how the science she helped develop is relevant to the Artemis Program.  

This event, as part of Artemis: Next Giant Leap at the visitor complex, is included with admission!



Nicole Stott

Women in Space with Nicole Stott

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