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Astronauts from the Apollo era and the first few shuttle missions used this van for their ride from crew quarters to the launch pad.
Launch umbilical tower

Launch Umbilical Tower

Segments of the Apollo Programs rocket pad launch support system astronauts traveled on to reach the capsule atop the Saturn V rocket.
Skylab mating adapter

Skylab Mating Adapter

The mating adapter provided the ability to dock spacecraft with Skylab, the first U.S. space station.
Tours are offered at the Apollo Saturn V Center.

Apollo/Saturn V Guided Tours

Guided tours of the Saturn V Moon rocket take place several times daily. Learn about the 363 feet of this magnificent artifacts.
Moon Rover exhibit at Apollo/Saturn V Center

Moon Rover

The first lunar rover was used during the Apollo 15 mission allowing astronauts to traverse across the moon's surface.
Two young girls touching a moon rock at the Apollo / Saturn V Center

Moon Rock

Touch a real Moon rock that was returned to Earth by astronaut Jack Schmitt during Apollo 17. This rock was formed approximately 3.7 billion years ago!
Plan Your Mission
Children interacting with touch panels in the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit.
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