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Youth STEAM Activities This Summer

This summer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex invites all future space explorers to imagine, create, program and construct with new activities designed especially for them. A few days a week through mid-August 2018, kids of all ages can participate in numerous STEAM-focused stations on the bottom floor of Space Shuttle Atlantis®. STEAM, meaning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, encompasses interests and skills essential to space exploration and many other careers. Find inspiration with any of these activities:

Painting created with robot by kids instructions

Paint with Sphero Robots

Using a tablet, code spherical robots to move through paint and around a canvas to create a unique masterpiece. This abstract art is inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock. Be sure to pick up your painting by 4:00 PM on the day of your visit.

Kids sending directional instructions to a robot.

Coding with Root Robotics

Program a robot to navigate in a grid and around obstacles, even at an incline. There are three coding difficulties, so students with a range of skill sets and code understanding will enjoy more challenging programming. More advanced coders can attach a marker to the robot and write their name.

Future Explorer building the rigamajig

Rigamajig Builds

Create and build like an architect! Using wood structures, ropes, pulley systems and more, imagine endless structures and bring them to life.

Binary coding activity with blocks

Learning Binary Code

Computers have their own language, and in STEAM, learning this language is very important. Use colored foam blocks to learn binary code, and then spell out your name with your new understanding of binary coding!

Astronaut Application written by a future explorer

Other Hands-On Activities

  • Space Coloring Sheets
  • LEGO® Building Station
  • How Much Do You Weigh On Other Planets?
  • Astronaut Application Activity Sheets

Don’t forget! All year long, young space explorers can also play Cosmic Quest, an interactive game using real NASA missions. Cosmic Quest is located throughout the visitor complex and is an add-on enhancement. Add this experience to your day or your visits all year long!