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Personal Stories of Apollo 12

In a video message, Nancy Conrad shares stories about her late husband, Apollo 12 astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad in honor of the 50th anniversary of the second Moon landing mission. Hear about the crew’s adventures during this encore Moon landing, including these stories:

  • The moment the Saturn V rocket was struck by lightning, the crew was essentially flying “a dead rocket”.
  • The Apollo 12 pinpoint landing in the Snowman Crater.
  • Conrad’s first words on the surface of the Moon, and how they won him a bet.
  • The smell of Moon dust, and literally stripping to get rid of it.
  • What the astronauts went on to do after the encore lunar mission.

Nancy shares, the crew of Apollo 12 “were best friends their whole lives. It’s really the story of friendship and adventure and fun, and Pete wanted to make sure his friends had fun. And that was Pete’s mission in life.”

“If you can’t be good, be colorful.”
– Pete Conrad

Join Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program. To learn more about NASA’s Apollo Program, be sure to take the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour to the Apollo/Saturn V Center. There, honor the achievement of putting humans on the Moon and the global impact of this impressive accomplishment.