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Featured Flashback: Apollo 13’s Fred Haise’s Bad Musical Talent

Not everyone is musically talented. In this episode of Tell Me a Story, Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise remembers his lack of music ability and how it steered him toward a math and engineering-focused career path. Fred Haise, along with Jim Lovell and Jack Swigert, launched from Kennedy Space Center on April 11, 1970 for the Apollo 13 mission. Little did they know that just 2 days later, events would transpire that would make them key players in one of the most famous Apollo missions.

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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s Tell Me a Story video series shares incredible experiences from real astronauts. For a complete playlist of this series and Untold Stories from the Rocket Ranch, explore through the visitor complex’s YouTube Channel, ExploreSpaceKSC.

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