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First Man at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

You saw it ignite the big screen, now experience it in real life! Here is your guide to diving deeper into Neil Armstrong’s story at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Head to the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® to see the first man on the Moon’s plaque from his 1993 induction into the prestigious society and dive deeper into his story at an inductee database kiosk.

Try this on for size. Make a quick stop at the Rocket Garden and climb in a replica Apollo capsule to experience how the Apollo 11 crew felt before liftoff.

Next, hop on the KSC Bus Tour to get a closer look at the restricted areas of Kennedy Space Center where the first person to walk on the Moon lifted off almost 50 years ago. You will see:

The Vehicle Assembly Building where the Saturn V rocket for the Apollo 11 mission was assembled.

Historic Launch Complex 39A where every human to step foot on the Moon launched from between 1969 and 1972.

The tour culminates at the Apollo/Saturn V Center where you will find yourself directly underneath the same kind of rocket used to propel Armstrong to the Moon in 1969, the massive 363-foot Saturn V.

“First Man” Fun Fact: Look familiar? This van made a cameo in the “First Man” film.

Check out the original Astronaut Van that transported the Apollo 11 crew from crew quarters to Launch Complex 39A before liftoff.

“First Man” Fun Fact: Look familiar? This van made a cameo in the “First Man” film.

While at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, don’t miss the opportunity to touch a real Moon rock and relive the final moments leading up to the first words ever spoken on the surface of the Moon at the Lunar Theater.

Complete your space adventure by walking in the footsteps of America’s Apollo heroes at the Space Shop on the actual Apollo 11 gantry arm.

Until November 18, 2018, you can get $5 off admission online using the code FALL2018 to come visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Don't miss out on this offer!

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