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What Campers Think of Virtual Camp KSC

Did you know that Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex now offers Virtual Camp KSC? When the visitor complex was unable to host on-site Camp KSC® in 2020, the team developed a way to bring NASA-based science into the homes of kids all around the world! Since July of 2020, we’ve taught kids from 48 states and 17 countries in the Virtual Camp KSC program.

Virtual Camp KSC is a 3-day online camp full of interactive experiments and activities led by a Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex educator. Students launch different types of rockets, learning what makes them soar, and drop or fly different objects into the atmosphere to get an up-close look at aerodynamics and gravity. Plus, there will be a few surprise STEM-based activities along the way. The education team mails the needed supplies for the activities to campers, and they learn via Zoom from their own home—wherever that may be!

As the next Virtual Camp KSC approaches, we wanted to share some highlights provided to us by our previous campers. All images and quotes are used with permission from the families.

Young girl holding a project she created during Virtual Camp KSC

"Thank you for such a wonderful class, it was packed with experiments, information, Life lessons and history. My kids 9 and 11 thoroughly enjoyed it." —The Stultz Family

"Although we live in Florida and visit KSC whenever we can, my son has not been able to attend the camps in the past. The virtual option gave him the chance to experience what you do while not having to be anxious about being away from home. I really appreciate all of your hard work. I am especially grateful for all of the foundational/life lessons you were able to teach along the way. Good luck to you and we hope to see you again in the future!" —The Timmerman Family

Young girl showing off her project she created at Virtual Camp KSC

"Thank you all so much for doing the online space camp!!!! I had so much fun!!! All of the activities were very fun and creative. I also enjoyed the engineering challenges because they help me to think through what I would need in a heat shield or on a Mars base. It was much more fun than just learning it out of a book. You brought light to it! I really love space and read and watch everything about it I can. Thank you so much for your time and effort!! I had lots of fun, and I really appreciate it!!!" —Greenlee, student

Young boy and his science / space project

"Thank you so much for all you do and for the added life lessons you sprinkled throughout the last 3-days. Especially today when you said not to let perfect get in the way of good and how mistakes can lead to new discoveries. Our daughter definitely needed to hear that from someone who is not her parent as she can be hard on herself when something doesn't turn out "perfect." In fact, one of the rolls [from the project] came un-taped and I told her it was ok; we could fix it. Instead of being upset that her creation was "ruined," she said it just meant the design wasn't working but it was ok because she would just go back and figure out a way to make it better. That was huge for our 8-yr old." —The Nicholson-Morgan Family

Mission 7: Thermal Protection / trying to avoid melting an astronaut on re-entry

"You are such a great teacher and our daughter, Avery, learned so much. Your explanations are very clear and on the right level for our 8-year-old. I'm working full-time from home right now, and was able to listen in to parts of the class. I, too, learned so much...I also am a scientist and appreciate you not only teaching about NASA and space, but also about the scientific method and approaching situations with a growth mindset...2 very important concepts!" —The Schwartz Family

"My kids loved today's activities and your information. It's a great way to break up the monotony that is this summer. Thank you for all you do!" —The Hattermann Family

Young boy holding his Virtual Camp KSC project

Virtual Camp KSC is offered in August 2021 with spots still available! Your aspiring space explorers can enjoy the last weeks of summer experiencing just how fun science, engineering, math and technology can be! Explore below for available weeks and more information.