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Educator Dee demonstrating a scientific principle.

To allow students to bring the fun and learning of Camp KSC home, the education team created the Virtual Camp KSC program. Hear as Educator Dee reflects on the overwhelmingly positive response from students around the world.

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Five books every space enthusiast needs including Falling to Earth by Al Worden.

Make some space in your library! This National Book Lovers day, check out these books that are sure to interest any space enthusiast.

This view of the severely damaged Apollo 13 Service Module was photographed from the Lunar Module/Command Module following the jettison of the Service Module.

Hear a first-hand account of the explosion that threatened the crewmembers of Apollo 13. Fifty years ago on April 13, 1970, the course of the hopeful 3rd Moon-landing mission drastically changed.

The prime crew of the Apollo 9 space mission are seen inside an Apollo command module boilerplate during water egress training activity in the Gulf of Mexico. From foreground, are astronauts James A. McDivitt, commander; David R. Scott, command module pilot; and Russell L. Schweickart, lunar module pilot.

As we all social distance ourselves to protect against COVID-19, learn how astronauts face isolation and quarantine for the sake of science and exploration.

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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex educator speaks about mission patches in one of the educational videos.

Looking for at-home educational activities for children? We’ve got you covered! Learn more about how you can continue to #JoinTheJourney through several online educational resources.

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