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Guests lighting up the Step. Tower. Launch! power tiles using piezoelectric energy.

Step. Power. Launch! See your energy in action by walking across special tiles to create electricity.

The Kennedy Space Center celebrates the holidays with decor such as the 'ornament' NASA Meatball!

With these insider tips and tricks, learn how to make the most out of your visit during Holidays in Space.

Map of the Rocket Garden with the titles of each rocket.

A stroll through the Rocket Garden is a walk among giants. Take a deeper look at the artifacts that make up this iconic attraction, and learn what’s new and coming soon!

Family stands in awe of the Saturn V rocket at Apollo Saturn V Center.

The new “First Man” space film, starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, tells the riveting story of NASA’s daring mission to land an astronaut on the Moon.

The top 10 most popular space souvenirs at the Space Shop at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex