Trip Planner

Plan a trip for you and your family or friends to America’s Spaceport, NASA’s working spaceflight facility located on the Space Coast of Florida. Located a short 45 minute drive from Orlando, arrive early for this full-day experience to make the most of your visit. Consult the daily schedule for show and tour times once you arrive. The amount of time suggested for each attraction in the trip planner is estimated and your total visit time may vary. We can’t wait to show you space shuttle Atlantis! 

How To Use the Trip Planner:

You have two options to schedule your visit -

Answer three simple questions and receive a suggested itinerary based on your answers. Start here to get your recommended itinerary.


Build your own custom itinerary. Simple click the "Add to My Trip" button on each attraction you want to see and when the button turns from blue to green you have added the attraction to your trip plan.

Click the "My Trip" button on the top right of your screen and see your selected attractions anytime while building your itinerary. 

Click here to view a sample custom itinerary.

*Note we show custom itineraries in minutes. If you show more than 480 minutes (8 hours) please plan to visit more than one day.


Know Before You Go: 

The visitor complex opens at 9 am every day of the year, though closing time varies with season. The Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour is included with daily admission and operates until 2.5 hours before close. Kennedy Space Center is a working spaceflight facility and visitor complex attractions may be altered or closed due to operational requirements. 

Add-on enhancements to your visit include Lunch With An Astronaut, Special Interest Tours, Cosmic Quest and Astronaut Training Experience (ATX)®. Though Lunch With An Astronaut and Cosmic Quest can be scheduled for a one day visit, we recommend a multi-day ticket or annual pass to experience more than one tour and ATX.