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Featured Flashback: The Apollo 13 Mission

Astronaut Fred Haise revisits the most intense moments of Apollo 13. On April 13, 1970, the mission was aborted after a service module oxygen tank ruptured. Haise, along with astronauts Jim Lovell and Jack Swigert, worked feverishly with Mission Control to sustain life support inside the Lunar Module, the “lifeboat” for the astronauts, 200,000 miles (approximately 321,869 kilometers) away from home.

In this episode of Tell Me a Story, hear Haise’s account along with authentic video and audio between the crew and Mission Control in these tense moments.

Check back here on the Payload Blog for the next Featured Flashback on April 17, the anniversary of Apollo 13’s return to Earth.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s Tell Me a Story video series shares incredible experiences from real astronauts. For a complete playlist of this series and Untold Stories from the Rocket Ranch, explore through the visitor complex’s YouTube Channel, ExploreSpaceKSC.

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